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Beyond Bookkeeping. Comprehensive, end-to-end accounting and financial ops services for your growing business.
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What You Get with GoLuca

Your financial data at your fingertips.  As a partner, we enable you to focus on what’s most important…. Growth. Comprehensive - Clean - Concise

Exceptional talent that supports your business through all business life-cycle phases

Most providers offer fragmented and limited solutions, and cannot offer a complete end-to-end financial service offering, like we offer. We provide a comprehensive team of CPA-lead finance professionals to service your business.  Say goodbye to timely, costly and inefficient and ineffective sourcing of your back office.  GoLuca has you covered.

Making life easier with a modern application stack

Tech-Enabled. We partner with the most effective partners to produce an unparalleled application environment.  All client engagements include access to market-leading software.

Make decisions quickly with real-time financial KPI's and analytical insight

A majority of small businesses do not have access to timely financial information. Our service offering will provide your management team access to real-time KPIs and financial insights. Critical information, delivered timely and accurately. Data-Driven Decision Making.

Protect your business against fraud

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses are at far greater risk of fraud, due to inherent control limitations, comprised of inadequate segregation of duties and non-use of optimized financial applications.  GoLuca's solution-based personnel and application infrastructure substantially reduces fraud risk for SMBs.

Lower cost points

Small and Medium size businesses struggle with properly evaluating, sourcing, hiring and upgrading back office talent.  And it's expensive.  Additionally, due to inherit budget limitations, they are unable to properly align cost-effective talent-to-task alignment.  Our plans have an optimized cost structure, designed to deliver unparalleled value, at lower costs.

Frequently asked questions

How are you different from other online, bookkeeping solutions?

Most bookkeeping service offerings still require you to maintain internal staff to serve various accounting functions. Their service offerings are often limited, offering transactional coding, or month-end or periodic reviews. We provide start-to-finish services.

Can I write checks still on premise?

Yes, you can. We will import and record all transactions made outside of standard payables processing. With that said, we will streamline and operate your vendor and expense management process, so you don't have to!

Do I need to automate my own bill pay, or customer invoicing?

Nope! Once you're onboarded, our team will handle all transactional workflow inputs. We already adopt best-in-class tools, which will make bill pay easy for owners and their management teams.

Will I need to continue to manage my payroll time tracking, and payroll processing?

Nope! Our comprehensive, end-to-end client service offerings take payroll onboarding, offboarding, and processing off your plate... including benefits enrollment!

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