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Recurring Client Services

How are you different from other online, bookkeeping solutions?

Most bookkeeping service offerings still require you to maintain internal staff to serve various accounting functions. Their service offerings are often limited, offering transactional coding, or month-end or periodic reviews. We provide start-to-finish services.

Can I write checks still on premise?

Yes, you can. We will import and record all transactions made outside of standard payables processing. With that said, we will streamline and operate your vendor and expense management process, so you don't have to!

Do I need to automate my own bill pay, or customer invoicing?

Nope! Once you're onboarded, our team will handle all transactional workflow inputs. We already adopt best-in-class tools, which will make bill pay easy for owners and their management teams.

Do you offer catchup services, ie LucaRetro?

Yes, if you're behind on your books, we will onboard you with a committed cutover date. Depending on your needs, our team will work to clean up your retrospective financials (LucaRetro fees are quoted separate to recurring monthly client service fees).

Will I need to continue to manage my payroll time tracking, and payroll processing?

Nope! Our comprehensive, end-to-end client service offerings take payroll onboarding, offboarding, and processing off your plate... including benefits enrollment!

Will you do my taxes?

For clients that meet the minimum annual service agreement, we complete your business and owner tax returns (Federal and State) as part of the recurring client fee arrangement.

Are your fees tax deductible?

Absolutely. Our professional fees are tax deductible.

General - Other

Will you prepare our financials using the accrual method?

By default, our services will produce monthly financials using the cash method. If your business requires accrual accounting, that is including in our recurring client fee arrangement. This will be determined on your onboarding call.

How does GoLuca help with IRS notices?

No worries. We will handle all tax notices with the IRS, State and Local tax agencies. Remember....we're a full-service FaaS provider. When we say we are your back office, we mean it.

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